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The Best Three Microstock Sites for Earnings

Three microstock sites

I would not describe myself as a seasoned microstock contributor but I have tried lots of sites out. Whether it be the amount of income, ease of uploading or just the general feel of the website – three sites always come top for me. Indeed I wonder why I spend time uploading to other sites. So here they are in no particular order…..

Shutterstock – probably earn the most money from this site even though I have the fewest number of images in my Shutterstock portfolio. I also use its keyword tool.

Dreamstime – consistently good sales although the images that sell are often quite different to Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. I think that the geolocation feature may help

Adobe Stock (Used to be called Fotolia) – I like the feel of this site and I think that the link to other adobe programs probably puts them in a great position for future growth.

There are three other sites that I have used but I think that I will just let them fade away for me… I spend lots of time adding the images only to be disappointed by sales – BigStock, Deposit, and Canstock.

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