Your presentation introduction is important

The introduction can be so important as it sets the tone of the whole presentation. Watching and listening to other speakers will help you identify the openers that work in any given presentation environment. It is of course not possible to provide one that works for all but here are a few suggestions for the clauses that you might use

“Good morning, my name is Richard Jemmett.  My contention is that government support for industries in the UK is counter productive….” (The audience will know that you are stating opinions and thoughts not just data and information)

“Place yourself in a small room in Baker Street in 1923, a letter pops through the door, you open it, you read it…….” (The audience will be taken away from the room in which you are presenting into an imaginary room and hopefully be engaged in the story and subject)

“Today I want to present to you for consideration three ideas. First, educational levels in the UK……” (The audience will count with you and know that the presentation is simple and manageable)

“I have five slides, four questions and three answers…” The audience will know that you want to get to the point – and some may notice that you have more questions than answers.

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